Stargazing in Namibia

Your Dream Vacation is Here

Have you ever had the opportunity to observe the globular cluster Omega Centauri or the surface of the moon and its many craters?

We offer you the chance of a lifetime – observations through one of the world’s best amateur telescopes, a 430 mm PlaneWave Astrograph at Rooisand’s own observatory under a perfect, absolutely crystal clear, dark sky near the Gamsberg and at an altitude of more than 1280 meters! Since the summer of 2013, Rooisand owns one of the largest and most modern telescope combinations for “public viewing” in Namibia – set up in a 3.2m dome.

Are you already an accomplished amateur astronomer?

If you have sound technical knowledge and are familiar with technical equipment similar to ours held at the observatory, you may opt to rent the entire observatory exclusively and pursue your hobby under almost optimal conditions. Please visit “The Observatory for rent“, detailed information and reference pictures can be found here.

Rent the observatory

We invite you to pursue your hobby extensively in Rooisand’s own well-equipped observatory! Our state-of-the-art telescope/astrograph combination is, to date, the largest available for public viewing, while the Gamsberg surrounds offers ideal star gazing conditions!

The Best Experience Ever

Rooisand Desert Ranch is situated on the fringe of the Namib Desert in Namibia’s Central Region, at the C 26 between the mountain passes of Gamsberg and Kuiseb, halfway between Windhoek (170 km) and Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast (190 km). The farm has a size of some 12.000 ha, a huge area – by European standards. Surrounded by the magnificent scenery of red sand dunes – deposited in distant times by winds from the Kalahari Desert – vast grasslands and rugged mountains, ROOISAND Desert Ranch close to the Gamsberg affords its guests a relaxing sojourn with every convenience.

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